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Board Retreat Facilitation

Do Board members leave monthly meetings feeling frustrated that there is never enough time to discuss weighty matters in a serious, in-depth manner? Would they relate better with one another if your next meeting were in a more relaxed setting? When is the last time your Board held a retreat?

Retreats can be good for revisiting or redefining an agency's mission and vision, long-term goals and objectives. Involving The Aleph Group, Inc. in the planning of your next retreat can improve overall organizational productivity.

We help design, plan and organize the retreat to maximize face time between your Board and staff. As an objective third-party, we facilitate the discussions so retreat participants can focus on content and not the process of their interaction.

Our consultant can help break the ice on difficult topics, ensure that all viewpoints are heard, keep discussions focused, ask clarifying questions and challenge assumptions.

Call us at 410-484-2373 or e-mail to ask for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation and proposal.

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