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Fundraising Training Workshops

By Michael Meyerstein, CFRE
President, The Aleph Group, Inc.

  1. How To Transform Your Board Members Into Effective Major Gift Fundraisers

    Are your volunteers using their connections and/or clout for your agency's maximum benefit? If not, why not?

    As not-for-profit professionals and leaders, our job is to help trustees apply their unique skills and experiences to their fiduciary and fundraising roles. If your Board members say: "I'll do anything but ask for money," then maybe it's time to change your organization's culture.

    Let Michael Meyerstein's thirty years of experience teach you how to find, recruit, and motivate volunteers for major gift fundraising, and keep them engaged for the long haul. You'll llearn countless ways volunteers can become your ally in major gift fundraising (only one directly involves asking for money!)

  2. Becoming Campaign Ready

    Your agency's strategic plan calls for a new building or a new programming initiative. Are you ready to launch a campaign? Since most campaigns fail due to inadequate planning, what must your agency do to become campaign-ready?

    How do you set realistic goals? How much do campaigns cost? Who are your best rospects? Do you have adequate human resources? Are your policies and procedures updated? Can your existing technology support a campaign? Who will make the ASKS? Does it pay to use professional outside counsel?

    Based on 30+ years of experience with not-for-profits, Michael Meyerstein, CFRE, offers you the best practices of campaign planning. By acquiring the right tools you'll begin your campaign with confidence.

  3. What It Takes To Land and Keep Major Gift Donors

    Since 90% of a major campaign's gifts come from 10% of the donors, organizations increasingly rely on major gifts to sustain annual operations, fund special projects, and achieve capital/endowment funding goals. Will your agency's infrastructure support a strong program?

    Michael Meyerstein, CFRE, a veteran fundraising trainer and consultant, will discuss current major gift fundraising trends and what motivates major gifts. He'll review the importance of donor recognition and detail an eight-step action plan. If you or your organization has little experience in major gift fundraising, this workshop will give you the nuts and bolts you need to launch and manage a successful campaign.

  4. Asking For Major Gifts With Confidence

    This workshop will explore the art and the science of face-to-face solicitation. Michael Meyerstein, CFRE, a veteran fundraising trainer and consultant, will guide you step-by-step through each stage of a solicitation including. You'll learn the key elements critical to every ASK as well as what not to say and do during a solicitation.

    You'll also do some role-playing for fun to learn what works and what doesn't! You'll learn the importance of active listening. All agree that face-to-face solicitation is more effective than mail and phone solicitations. You owe it to yourself to learn how to make the ASK well! Bring your Board members to this important workshop too!

  5. Making Annual Giving The Centerpiece Of Your Fundraising Program

    Your Annual Giving Campaign must be central to your development program because it can lead to capital, corporate/foundation, and planned giving fundraising initiatives. It also helps develop new leadership and volunteer resources.

    Michael Meyerstein, CFRE, a veteran fundraising trainer and consultant, will discuss fundamentals such as crafting a campaign plan, managing your campaign, identifying donors, preparing your case for support, establishing attainable goals, recruiting strong volunteers and motivating your Board to champion your cause.

    You will also learn He'll also discuss how to jump-start a stalled campaign, move donors to larger gifts, assess campaign efficiency, and improve donor recognition. If you're new to fundraising or need a refresher, this workshop is for you.

  6. Earning Six-Figure Profits From Your Special Events

    Events can be important as friend-raisers and fundraisers. How do you select a first-time event? How can you save time, money, and your sanitv in planning one?

    Michael Meyerstein, CFRE, a veteran fundraising trainer and consultant, will discuss how to plan large and small events, identify and manage volunteer resources, address your donors? needs and maximize profits.

    Other topics include choosing the right special event, establishing realistic goals, integrating events into an overall fundraising plan, recruiting and motivating volunteers, creating to-do lists, and promot¬ing the event. Meyerstein will teach you many of the same strategies he uses in producing events that collectively have raised $2.5 million on behalf of organizations like yours.

  7. Can A Development Audit Improve Your Fundraising Results?

    When is the last time you took a step back to look at your organization's fundraising performance? A development audit can help you survey and analyze your fundraising activities to reveal underlying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges.

    Michael Meyerstein, CFRE, a veteran fundraising trainer and consultant, will discuss how an audit can help assess an organization's readiness for a major campaign. Other topics include interviewing key stakeholders, reviewing past fundraising performance, examining donor communications and the other essential components of your development program.

    This workshop will help you appreciate the practical benefits your group can realize from conducting an audit. If you need to raise more money, this workshop may start you in the right direction.

  8. The Do's and Don'ts Of Starting An Endowment Fund

    Does your organization find it challenging to balance its annual budget? With a robust endowment fund, your agency could rely on its income stream to close current and future budget gaps. How can you start or grow an Endowment Fund?

    This workshop will help you determine if your agency's infrastructure will support endowment giving. You'll learn what motivates donors to give and how to set ask amounts, establish an endowment program without a lead gift, create donor recognition opportunities, and market endowment funds.

    Michael Meyerstein, a veteran fundraising trainer and consultant, will guide you in a step-by-step approach through these uncharted waters and provide answers to these and other questions.

  9. Why And How To Establish A Planned Giving Program

    Even with this depressed economy, the next generation will probably become the wealthiest generation in history. Does your organization know how to motivate some of these prospective beneficiaries to donate some of their assets to your agency?

    This workshop will explain the basics of planned giving and show you how to market these opportunities to your donors. You will learn the importance of targeting your donor base and how to select planned giving vehicles right for your agency. Which financial professionals should participate in your public service programs? What kind of print materials should you choose for mailing?

    Michael Meyerstein, CFRE, is a veteran trainer and consult who will answer these and many other questions.

  10. When Direct Mail is Not Enough-Getting Terrific Results With Phonathons

    Are you asking your donors for their gifts by phone? What does it take to organize a phonothon effectively and successfully?

    Michael Meyerstein, a veteran trainer and consultant, has spent twenty years refining these phoning techniques on behalf of not-for-profits. Whether your database is 100 or 3000+ households, you will learn how to motivate callers and help them overcome caller-resistance.

    You'll examine sample solicitation training materials and pick up useful tips to help you maximize results. Workshop participants will appreciate learning the valuable tracking tools to use in analyzing results after the last call has been made. You owe it to your agency to attend this very practical session.

  11. Succeeding As A First-time Development Director

    Now that you're newly hired to run a one-person development shop, what do you do? How do you manage conflicting time demands made by your boss, president and volunteers? How do you stay focused on goals while managing budgets and deadlines? How do you cope with the feeling of loneliness as your organization's chief fundraiser?

    Michael Meyerstein, CFRE, ran a one-person shop earlier in his career, so he 'feels your pain.' This problem-solving laboratory will offer coping mechanisms and practical advice to help you not only survive but thrive. This interactive session is fast-paced and filled with plenty of 'tips of the trade' offered with humor and sage advice.

  12. Feasibility Study-First Steps To A Great Capital Campaign

    How can a feasibility study prepare you for your next campaign? By engaging prospective major gift donors and key stakeholders in face face-to-face interviews you will learn their views about your organization, the case statement and the campaign goal. You will understand their interest, willingness, and capacity to support the campaign as well.

    Michael Meyerstein, CFRE, a veteran trainer and fundraising consultant, will discuss how to select interviewees and what questions to ask. What do you do if the study concludes your organization is not ready? How long does it take to complete a study? You will also learn a wealth of other information to help guide your decision-making process.

  13. Fundraising Bootcamp For Nonprofit Executives

    As CEO, do your fundraising responsibilities include soliciting gifts from major donors? Managing fundraising functions, e.g. special events, direct mail, etc.? Do you successfully motivate your Board to fulfill its fundraising obligations? Do you feel sufficiently knowledgeable to supervise your development staff? Do you understand key fundraising concepts critical to your organization's overall financial health?

Michael Meyerstein, CFRE, a veteran trainer and fundraising consultant, will help put you on the fundraising fast track and take the mystery out of fundraising. Learn the basics of crafting a development plan, creating an annual-giving campaign, and launching a major-gifts program. Bring a board member along with you as you boost your fundraising confidence and competence.

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